The market for polyurethanes has undergone a substantial change in recent years due to the migration of the production to low wage areas.
For this reason, operators have concentrated their energies in finding production solutions with high technological content and low environmental impact employing traditional and new types of polyurethanes.
The technology of spray polyurethane performed alone or combined with other processes, has opened broad prospects for the production of new products, solving current and future construction issues and eliminating costly production steps currently present in traditional production.
To have a better idea of the use of spray polyurethane technology, we list some applications:

  • Rigid structural spray combined with low density injected polyurethane
    Insulated product with a high mechanical strength of the surface.
  • Structural rigid spray combined with medium density injected polyurethane
    Carrier product with high mechanical strength of the surface.
  • Structural rigid spray applied to rigidly shaped conglomerates
    Carrier product with high mechanical strength of the surface.
  • Flexible spray combined with medium density cast polyurethane
    Carrier product with a soft contact surface.
  • Flexible spray combined with flexible cast polyurethane
    Flexible product with soft surface with high mechanical and weathering resistance.
  • Flexible spray applied to pre-shaped flexible conglomerates
    Flexible product with soft surface and high mechanical and weathering resistance.
The low pressure CMC RVS Mixers are designed using modern technologies adapting them to the needs of all types of user.

Key benefits

  • Simplicity of use
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Complete customization

Dosage of components

  • Volumetric metering pumps with high precision double gear
  • Variable flow by meter
  • Digital pressure regulators sensing component dosing pressure
  • Suction filter dosing pump

Storage and conditioning components

  • Component tanks with external cavities for recycling cooling liquid, capacity: 30 Lt
  • Slow gate paddle agitator scraper on tank bottom to lift any decanted material or color
  • Automatic temperature control components using electrical resistance
  • Visual levels on component tanks
  • Signaling levels component backup
  • Valves for washing and discharge lines of component tanks cleaning

Component mixing

  • Mixing gun with component recycling
  • Automatic recycling and casting pressures
  • Static mixers with air envelope spray nozzle
  • Calibration of the components directly from the mixing gun

Machine control

  • Touch screen for the control and display of the machine functions to guide the user through the choice of the programs to be set
  • Machine cycles: CALIBRATION, WORK


    Component flow controllers for the display of the total flow values, and of the single components and the testing of the mixing ratios
    Level of charge of anti-crystallization components
    Spray jets available 1, 2, 3.
    Diaphragm pumps for loading components complete with suction tube
    Magnetic coupling drive for dispensing pumps to eliminate completely component leaking due to seal wear
  • CMCR
    Roving fiber cutting for polyurethane foam reinforcement
    Special head holder arm following customer request

Depliant download (pdf 740Kb)

Ratio 1:1Ratio 2:1
CMC3/RVS 5 50 5 35 6 250 900 1200 1250

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