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Specializing in machinery for the production of expanded polyurethanes.

We have almost 30 years of experience!

COSMEC was founded in 1980 for the manufacture of expanded polyurethane production machines. COSMEC contributes significantly to the development of processing technologies of these versatile polymers. Find out the best solution for every need in the polyurethane range. Over the years, the company has developed several innovative solutions in the field of mixing, dosing and process control, producing low and high pressure foamers. The attention of each staff member is geared to meeting the needs of a customers that requires cost-effective solutions. Thanks to the flexibility of the organizational structure, COSMEC is able to follow every plant from the design phase, to the installation and final testing at the customer. Thanks to an international network COSMEC guarantees prompt and timely after-sales service.


For those who need dedicated and customized solutions, we think of ourselves.


We guarantee prompt after-sales service to solve any problems.

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