The modern technologies employed for molding polyurethane foams, and the ever increasing need to operate in workplaces free from noxious fumes, require the use of high pressure mixing machines.
Unlike the low-pressure mixing machines in which the washing of the mixing bowl is performed with the use of solvents, high pressure machines offer the following advantages:

  • Elimination of the washing cycle;
  • Elimination of the disposal of wastewater from washing;
  • Reducing energy consumption;
  • Improvement of working conditions;
  • Respect for and protection of the environment;
  • Greater accuracy of dosage;
  • Increase of the mixing quality of the foam;
  • Optimization of production processes;
  • Reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

The high pressure mixing machines CMC HP 2TJB are designed using modern technologies adapting them to the needs of all types of user.

Key benefits

  • Simplicity of use
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Complete customization

Dosage of components

  • High pressure gear dosing pumps with inverter driven variable flow
  • Digital pressure regulators sensing component dosing pressure
  • One piece leak-proof component recycling separators

Storage and conditioning components

  • Component tanks with external insulated cavities for recycling cooling liquid, capacity: 80 Lt
  • Automatic temperature control components using electrical resistance and cooling liquid shut-off solenoid valve
  • Visual level indicators on component tanks
  • Signaling level indicators of component backup
  • Line washing valves and component tank discharge

Component mixing

  • Two-piston self-cleaning mixing head with injector driven component recycling
  • Calibration of the components directly from the mixing head
  • Hydraulic unit complete with battery for an immediateresponse, solenoid operated mixing head
  • Special head holder with joystick operated pneumatic cylinder

Machine control

  • Touch screen for the control and display of the machine functions to guide the user through the choice of the programs to be set
  • 100 mixing programs selectable from the keypad set on the mixing head
  • Data management software: number of daily and total cast pieces; component partial and total consumption; chronological list of the alarms which occurred; graph of component casting pressures; maintenance reminders
  • Automatic recycling for homogeneous component temperatures along the pipes


    Component flow controllers for the display of the total flow values, and of the single components and the testing of the mixing ratios
    Level of charge of anti-crystallization components
    Heads available 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    Diaphragm pumps for loading components complete with suction tube
    Refrigeration unit for component cooling automatically supplied by the machine so as to reduce wear and power consumption
    Special head holder arm following customer request
  • CMCRTS90
    90 ° head rotation system for horizontal and vertical casting
    Shell and tube heat exchangers for conditioning of components

Depliant download (pdf 969Kb)
HP 2TJBKeypadHP 2TJBHP 2TJBCMC PROHP 2TJBSCMC RTS90CMC HPL90Available headsMeasure reference


Ratio 1:1Ratio 2:1
CMCHP20/2TJB 40 330 60 250 15 600 1300 1300 2200 2200
CMCHP40/2TJB 100 660 140 500 20 800
CMCHP60/2TJB 120 1000 150 750 30 1000 1500 1500
CMCHP120/2TJB 200 2000 280 1550 42 1300
CMCHP200/2TJB 300 3300 420 2570 65 2100 2000 2000 2600

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